Project Description

28th May — 29th June 2021

Macc Assemble Showreel Parade

A collective artwork where everyone has a starring role!

We created rolling film moving round the town capturing people’s stories in snapshots.




A Rolling Film

As the famous Barnaby Parade couldn’t take place this year, people from across Macclesfield banded together to celebrate in a different way – by creating The Macc Assemble Showreel Parade – a continuous rolling film connecting people of the town together. Whether on their own, in a bubble, as part of their school, club, business or organisation hundreds of local people came to help play a starring role.From local artists exhibiting paintings in South Park Pond to the Mayor eating Granelli’s ice cream! From skateboarders riding the cobbles of 108 Steps to families playing hide and seek behind the West Park asteroid! From Barnaby artists raising flags and banners to the shopkeepers of the town raising a toast!

We think you will agree this film is a Macc-stravaganza – the most Macclesfield thing you will see in a while!

The film was a chance to also showcase our beautiful town and its vibrant communities – on set in Park Green, Christ Church, Chestergate, on the Moss, Hurdsfield, South Park, West Park, Weston & Ivy and Market Place.

During April, May and June, the team captured snapshots of Macclesfield life: recording short cameos showcasing people’s talents, ingenuity and loves.

Your 20 Seconds to shine

As well as the talent in front of the camera, the production behind the lens was all Macclesfield as well with the fantastic film crew led by Flownamix Media Productions (an enterprising new Macclesfield film company setup by George Morrison). There was also an original musical score by local composer Sam Moss and Cre8 Music.

Neil Puttick, Creative Producer for community arts collective IDST!, said “We wanted local people to show what is brilliant about living in Macclesfield and try to recapture the spirit of the Barnaby Parade, and we were delighted that so many people rose to the challenge with exciting ideas and symbols of strong community even after the year we have had!”

Carol Ann Whitehead, Programme Director of Barnaby Bright, said “This was a series of events during the off year of Barnaby Festival. Back in 2020 at the height of the pandemic the town was robbed of a full festival and parade, this year we wanted to highlight the community make them feel safe and welcome whilst participating in an outdoor parade connected via film. It was a pleasure co-hosting the screenings with Neil creating a Hollywood feel whilst talking to the stars of Macclesfield town. ”

The film was premiered Hollywood style as part of the Barnaby Bright Programme at St Michael’s Church on 19th June (the same time as the parade would normally take place). In the future, we hope to show the film before the main feature at Cinemac local cinema or display on projectors and screens for future events.

With special thanks to our key Barnaby Bright 2021 supporters Macclesfield Town Council, Cheshire East Council, Arts Council England, Macclesfield Community ArtSpace and Red Willow Macclesfield.

Macc Assemble Artworks

Thanks to brilliant local designer Rebecca Clulow and academic Jess Robins for creating brilliant graphics for the project.

Workshops & Instructional Videos

Here are some of the workshop videos that we made in conjunction with local artists. If you would like to get involved, come and take part in our future participation project: We have the MEANS

Introducing Macc Assemble Play your part – 20 Seconds To Shine

We are not meeting in person for the Barnaby Parade this year. Instead we are asking everyone to each play a part – making a 20 second film. When combined together it will make a masterpiece – a Maccstravaganza – a rolling film across the town celebrating living in Macclesfield in 2021 and the collective spirit of the Barnaby Parade.

Get involved! As part of a group, your business or friends or as an individual, family or bubble. Take part using our storyboard to come up with your 20 seconds scene.

Workshop 1 – Live from ArtSpace with Becca Smith

How to Storyboard – Writing down your idea for your 20 second film!

How does the storyboard work? What am I meant to do with it? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in the first Macc Assemble workshop with IDST!’s ingenious artist Becca Smith. She’s going to show you how to plan, create, and then get your idea down on your Macc Assemble storyboard. Becca’s going to get your creative juices flowing, helping you to think about the location of the film, who and what to have in it, how to use space and colour, and why you should get involved. What are you waiting for!

Becca works through creating an idea with the 20 second storyboard and suggests ways for people to plan their scenes. She asks participants to think about the location of the film, the people in it, the use of colours and spaces. Becca invites everyone to take part.

Workshop 2 – Smooth Moves with Sylk Academy

20 Seconds to Shine – Creating a Dance or Movement for your Scene

Get on your dancing shoes! Sylk Dance Academy are here to get you in the Macc Assemble groove from your kitchen, sofa, garden or garage. Their teachers and students have put together an amazing online workshop to show you how you can use movement in your 20 seconds to shine. There are lots of different dance styles to learn and top tips on how to create, learn and perform a routine. Whether you’re a professional, a Saturday night dance floor shaker or just someone who wants to try something new – this workshop is for you. Watch the video below and get ready to dance the night away!

The teachers and students at Sylk Academy introduce loads of interesting ways to use movement in your 20 second film. Each dancer will introduce a different style or genre of dance and give some exciting ways that you can use moves in your film and learn a routine.

Workshop 3 – Make A Scene with Sam Redway-Wells

Use drama and imagination in your 20 second film!

Lights, camera, action! Director Sam Redway-Wells is here to turn you into the Macclesfield Martin Scorsese with his 7 step scene guide. Sam’s quick, foolproof workshop will have you creating a blockbuster 20 second scene that’ll dazzle everyone at the Macc Assemble premier. He’s got theatre games, mime and freeze frames to show you so do it by yourself or get your family and friends involved! You’ll start with a big idea and end up with a 20 second scene to be proud of.  Get ready for a masterclass… ACTION!

Drama director and actor Sam Redway-Wells introduces 7 steps to quickly create brilliant 20 second scenes. He will show you how you can take a big idea and use theatre games, mime, freeze frames to make an amazing scene.

Macc Assemble Gallery

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